Iris Gallenberger

Chair for Terrestrial Ecology

Department of Ecology and Ecosystemmanagement
Technische Universität München
Hans-Carl-von-Carlowitz-Platz 2
D-85350 Freising-Weihenstephan

Fax:     +49.8161.71.4427
E-mail: Iris.Gallenberger[at]

Curriculum vitae

Since 2010 PhD thesis at the working group 'Terrestrische Ökologie'
2008- 2009 Diploma thesis at the Working Group Animal Population Ecology I (Prof. Dr. Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter) Title: „Impact of cropping system and landscape context on the diversity of insects and biotic interactions in triticale fields“
10/2004- 7/2005 Study abroad (Erasmus) in Italy with emphasis on marine biology (university of Padova and university of Cagliari)
10/2002- 8/2009 Studies biology diploma (= master) at the university in Bayreuth Specialisation: Ecology and biodiversity: particularly entomology, vegetation ecology, population ecology and biogeography

Research interest

  • agroecology
  • trophic interactions
  • ecosystem services
  • nature conservation
  • predator-prey dynamics




Krauss, J., I. Gallenberger, and I. Steffan-Dewenter. 2011. Decreased Functional Diversity and Biological Pest Control in Conventional Compared to Organic Crop Fields. PLoS One 6(5):e19502 doi:19510.11371/journal.pone.0019502.