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Conference Announcement

International Symposium Ecology of Aphidophaga 13

The 13th International Symposium Ecology of Aphidophaga will be held in Freising, Germany, from Monday 29th August  to Friday 2nd September, 2016.

It is organized by the Terrestial Ecology Research Group along with a number of colleagues. The purpose of Aphidophaga conferences is to provide an international forum for the presentation and discussion of research on the biology, ecology and behaviour of aphid natural enemies and the efficiency of aphid biocontrol.

Please see the homepage of Aphidophaga 13 for more information.

Conference Announcement

Invitation to the 42nd meeting of the working group „Central European Heteropterologists“, which will be held in the National Park Bavarian Forest, from Friday 19th August to Sunday 21st August, 2016. 

The 42nd meeting of the working group „Central European Heteropterologists“ in the National Park Bavarian Forest is organized by the Terrestrial Ecology Research Group of the Technischen Universität München and the National Park Bavarian Forest, which cordially invite you. The meeting will be held in the Haus zur Wildnis, Falkenstein National Park Centre (Ludwigsthal, 94227 Lindberg).

More information about the meeting of the working group „Central European Heteropterologists“ can be found on our webpage.

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Reports in the press

Samenausbreitung durch Schnecken

Türke, M., K. Andreas, M. M. Gossner, E. Kowalski, M. Lange, S. Boch, S. Socher, J. Müller, D. Prati, M. Fischer, R. Meyhöfer, and W. W. Weisser. 2012. Are gastropods, rather than ants, important dispersers of seeds of myrmecochorous forest herbs? American Naturalist 179(1):124-131.

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Wolfgang W. Weisser at INRA in the lecture series "Agriculture and Ecology" (Paris 2012)